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Episode 18

James is back! After a short hiatus from the podcast we’re back with the latest updates in medicine, tech, and health

Episode 17

Open Meals are developing an amazing technology that allows people to 3D print food across the world

Episode 16

Talking about Personalised Healthcare, do you want a SUPER personalised invitation to our PEP Talk? Email us here:

Episode 15

This week we’re learning about mechanical fish that are saving the ocean, and how much fun MINTRAC was for the team!

Episode 14

This week James is filling us in on the excitement that is Amazon Go, and how important Gratitude Journalling can be for your health. Sign up to our Newsletter here:

Episode 13

This week James is updating you all on where the team is headed next week!! You don’t want to miss this jam packed episode of The Four Things Podcast

Episode 12

This week James is talking about a rubix cube solving computer AND healing a monkey’s spinal cord!

Episode 11

Dr. James L Murray, live from Work Healthy Australia’s Melbourne PEP Talk!!!

Episode 10

This week James tells us about the newest, and most exciting, advancement in the customer service industry.

Episode 9

This week Dr. James L Murray tells us about how just $1000 can make a house!!

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