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Episode 7

This week Dr. James L Murray tells us about how AI IS BECOMING SMARTER THAN CARDIOLOGISTS! We can’t even deal with how amazing technology is getting. Listen to find out more

Episode 6

We’ve covered a self aware robot, so it’s about time we spoke about the indestructible one…

Episode 5

Come meet us in BRISBANE this week! Also learn about what James’ optimal bedtime is, let’s just say it’s not what you’d expect…  

Episode 4

A self aware robot?!

Episode 3

The coolest thing on this week’s list? Computers learning how to play Mario Bros. for sure. (Also we might’ve been a bit cheeky and had to cut out the fourth thing this week – we’ll make it up to you next time!)

Episode 2

Dr. James L Murray from Work Healthy Australia is back this week with another podcast! Got a spare 3 minutes and want to learn something new today? Check it out!

Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of the new podcast from Dr. James L Murray! A weekly podcast where he talks about The Four Frickin’ Things You Need To Know This Week! Need a break for a couple of minutes? Then tune in weekly to hear what’s on his list of things you need to know,… Continue reading

Digitising the Patient Experience with Chatbots

At Work Healthy Australia, our goal is to create happier, healthier, more productive workforces. All of our services are conducted with this goal in mind, and with the utmost respect for ensuring the data security and privacy of our patients. Data security in healthcare will become vital as digitisation of patient files becomes commonplace. With… Continue reading

Wholistic Health in 2017: Why Employers Need to be Aware of Psychological Injuries and their Warning Signs.

There is a primary duty among employers to identify workplace hazards. Oftentimes they will easily identify physical risks as part of this duty, however, they can sometimes fall short when it comes to psychosocial hazards and risks of psychological injury. In 2015, there was a case that involved an employer’s failure to assess the health… Continue reading

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