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Episode 9

This week James tells us about the newest, and most exciting, advancement in the customer service industry.

Episode 9

This week Dr. James L Murray tells us about how just $1000 can make a house!!

Episode 8

This week Dr. James L Murray tells us about self healing concrete and edible electronics.

Episode 7

This week Dr. James L Murray tells us about how AI IS BECOMING SMARTER THAN CARDIOLOGISTS! We can’t even deal with how amazing technology is getting. Listen to find out more

Episode 6

We’ve covered a self aware robot, so it’s about time we spoke about the indestructible one…

Episode 5

Come meet us in BRISBANE this week! Also learn about what James’ optimal bedtime is, let’s just say it’s not what you’d expect…  

Episode 4

A self aware robot?!

Episode 3

The coolest thing on this week’s list? Computers learning how to play Mario Bros. for sure. (Also we might’ve been a bit cheeky and had to cut out the fourth thing this week – we’ll make it up to you next time!)

Episode 2

Dr. James L Murray from Work Healthy Australia is back this week with another podcast! Got a spare 3 minutes and want to learn something new today? Check it out!

Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of the new podcast from Dr. James L Murray! A weekly podcast where he talks about The Four Frickin’ Things You Need To Know This Week! Need a break for a couple of minutes? Then tune in weekly to hear what’s on his list of things you need to know,… Continue reading

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