Indirect Costs to Employers for Work-Related Injuries

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Did you know that direct costs for an employee injury make up only 25% of the total cost? Find out what the other 75% can include by downloading our Indirect Costs Resource Paper here!

7 Benefits to better Employee Health

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Regardless of your State or Worker’s Compensation set up, one bad year typically hurts you for three.  You need a consistent run of good years to make a big impact.  

Mental Stress at Work

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This whitepaper looks at the cost of mental stress to workforce health and the economy and how the scientifically validated HeartMath® system can help with stress prevention, intervention and management.

Drink More Water

Health Tips

Did you know water makes up 60% of your body! Aim to drink 3 litres a day to help flush your kidneys and help convert food into energy.  

Injury Management Approach

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Why preventative and pro-active intervention pays dividends.