A complete system of care

Implementing a tailored onsite injury and prevention management program will have a positive effect on injury compensation claims, and can reduce insurance premiums for your business.

By understanding the challenges that a business is facing, our team of experienced providers can develop a tailored, cost effective program that meets the needs of all key stakeholders.

Onsite treatment

Used to address any musculoskeletal injury on site.

Pre employment screening Australia

Pre-employment screen

Screen individuals to ensure they are able to perform a job safely and effectively.


A physical assessment of an employee’s capacity to safely carry out a job.

Population health reports

Identify specific health related gaps and risks in your workplace.


Assess the general health of your workers and  investigate risk factors for disease.

Task analysis

This is a comprehensive analysis of the entirety of a job.

Risk assessment

Analyse a person doing a task and identify the probability of the task leading to an injury.

Baseline hearing screens

A baseline screen will be conducted to identify any abnormalities, and a referral supplied if required.

Compliance-based Manual Handling Training

This is a classroom based presentation delivered to workers on the basics of safe lifting.

Task-specific Manual Handling Training

Meaningful training that engages with your workers and provides them with training specific to their job.

Mental Health First Aid training

Learn how to provide initial support to those who may be experiencing a mental health problem or crisis.



At Work Healthy Australia, we are an innovative, fast growing health and wellbeing organisation providing onsite treatment to companies nationwide.

As a WHA Onsite Healthcare Provider you can enjoy:

– A competitive salary
– Laptop, Phone & Work Vehicle
– A generous training allowance
– Access to a full time training manager to coach you in your professional development

We welcome applications from Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths, unless otherwise specified in the job description.