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Whether you’re focused on keeping one specific team of employees working or improving the health and wellness of your entire workforce, Work Healthy Australia’s wholistic injury prevention and treatment services are the key to improving your organisation’s level of risk, company culture, and bottom line.

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We turned to Work Healthy Australia (previously Soft Tissue Centre) to implement an on- site treatment program to help all of our employees. The program was so much more than a standard physio program. The results have been fantastic. It is easily self-funded through the huge reduction and prevention of claims. From 10, we currently have just one claim, are aiming for zero and plan to keep it there.

What I hadn’t expected was the positive effect the program has had on the culture and engagement of the workforce. People understand what we are trying to do to help them and we are seen as a more caring employer.

City of Greater Shepparton

HR Manager, Gillian Boyd

We have been in a partnership with WHA for 7 years. Work Healthy Australia’s professionals do not operate like a normal physio (in some cases taking 10 or 12 weeks) – but after just three treatments (over 3 weeks) employees in the majority of cases don’t need to see the Work Healthy Australia’s staff again!  They represent good value for money, I would definitely recommend the program.

City of Greater Dandenong

Anthony Camillo, Manager People and Procurement Services, City of Greater Dandenong

In 2005 when WHA partnered with us we had 300 staff and 10% on Light Duties – now we employ 1000 staff and have less than 1% on light duties! We clearly rely on manual handling which can come with associated risks, but by having WHA onsite, we can quickly react to staff having even the slightest twinge.  99% of the time staff are straight back on the floor and problem solved with very little down time. We would definitely say this is a success story.

Hazeldene’s Chicken Farms

John Hazeldene, Managing Director

When we first partnered with Work Healthy Australia we were experiencing a number of soft tissue injuries and rising worker’s compensation claims. These were sorted within months. Lost time hours were greatly reduced and claims declined sharply. We would even go so far as to say Work Healthy Australia has been an inspiration to helping our people feel valued and special.


Tony Barnes, Senior HSE Advisor, Walter Pigatto HR & Administration/ Marketing Manager

We have been in partnership with Work Healthy Australia since 2009 and since that time have seen a large reduction in the number of claims and faster recovery rates with less treatments.  The bottom line is they get results, they actually fix people’s injuries!  Our employees are very happy with the service so are lining up to visit so they stay “well-tuned”.

We use their “Pre-employment Screening” to hire new staff.  We can then offer new employees jobs that match them physically, therefore reducing the likelihood of injury.

Treasury Wine Estates

Julie Martin, Occupational Health Nurse

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