Work Hardening

A six-week program that aims to support and condition new workers in manual handling jobs, and help transition existing workers into more physically demanding roles.

We aim to gradually improve a worker’s physical capabilities and tolerance to load, while minimising the risk of soft tissue and repetitive strain injuries.

A focus on improving strength and movement.

A work hardening session will involve measuring the participants strength and functional movements, issuing exercise programs, discussing any difficulties they may be currently facing, and tracking their progress.

At the end of their six sessions, we measure their strength and functional movements again, and assess if there has been any change.

We can then recommend whether they would be suitable to move into heavier or more demanding roles in the future.

What are the benefits?

  • Support for workers struggling to adapt to the physical demands of their job
  • Improved employee retention
  • Teaches self-management skills for aches & pains

Combining exercise coaching with manual handling, lifestyle, and ergonomic advice, Work Hardening complements a comprehensive and supportive approach to employee training.

Why Choose Us?

  • Workplace Health and Safety Coordinator
    Our staff love the service, it is very popular. It definitely contributes to our proactive injury management and early intervention program.
    Workplace Health and Safety Coordinator
    Zoos, Parks and Gardens Industry
  • Stephen, General Manager
    WHA has been instrumental in getting our workforce back to work quickly either from workplace injuries or private injuries, illnesses and conditions. We've seen a huge improvement in outcomes for our workforce by making WHA's services freely available to all and getting in early following an injury and applying effective treatment/rehabilitation.
    Stephen, General Manager
    Mining Industry
  • Early Intervention Officer (RTW Coordinator)
    Since we began using WHA onsite services, the staff culture around injury management and reporting of incidents, injuries and near misses has improved. Our staff are engaging in the support we offer to return them to, or retain them at work.
    Early Intervention Officer (RTW Coordinator)
    Local Council
  • Safety Manager
    The service has been great for the employees on our site, with many receiving treatment that really helps them in their management of their health conditions.
    Safety Manager
    Food Manufacturing Industry