Australia’s leader in wholistic injury
prevention and treatment

A company founded on helping people and profits

Work Healthy Australia continues to revolutionise the way businesses handle injury prevention and treatment. Our comprehensive on-site services help manage both physical and emotional wellbeing, leading to improvements in employee health, happiness, and productivity. As a result, employers reduce risk, develop a stronger company culture, and boost their bottom line.

Partnering for Success

Our team is just as committed to your success as you are, and we guarantee your company will save money when you partner with Work Healthy Australia. In fact, we’re so confident in the effectiveness of our services that we’re willing to invest our own money to help fund trial programs at your organisation.

Practical Service and Programs

Work Healthy Australia’s service is quick and easy to implement, and customised to meet your employees’ needs. With on-site care and high patient engagement, our dedicated specialists can typically resolve injuries in less than four treatments and keep people on full duties throughout the process.

Results-Focused Care

Our integrative, solution-based approach is focused on improving your workforce, reducing injuries, and boosting your bottom line. By minimising injuries and reducing worker’s compensation costs, our team helps deliver positive outcomes and keep your people happy, healthy, and productive.

Why We Exist: Our Story

Treating and preventing injuries for nearly 20 years

Work Healthy Australia was founded in 2000 by Dr James Murray, a registered chiropractor known for his innovative approach to treating and preventing workplace injuries.

Prior to founding the business, James ran his own clinic in New South Wales. One day, an abattoir sent two of their employees to him, and James successfully resolved their long-standing carpal tunnel injuries. Instead of sending more people to his clinic, the owner of the abattoir invited him to treat other employees on-site. When James arrived, he was surprised to find 20% of the abattoir’s 500 employees had lined up to see him.

Over a short time, James significantly reduced injuries for the company’s workforce. This sparked an important realisation: most employers need a specialist to help their employees stay productive and working, and the lack of such support was costing businesses tens of thousands of dollars every year. That’s what sparked his idea for Soft Tissue Centre, later renamed Work Healthy Australia.

Dozens of employers, over 500,000 injuries resolved, one shared mission

Nearly two decades later, Work Healthy Australia has become the country’s leading wholistic injury prevention and treatment provider. James and his team now work with dozens of employers across the country, resolve over 33,000 injuries a year, and serve a range of industries, including local councils, abattoirs, zoos, and manufacturers.

While the company has grown, our mission has remained the same: to help companies build happy, healthy, productive workforces that make their employees and bottom line happy.

Who We Are

Dr. James Murray

Founder and Managing Director

James is the leader of Work Healthy Australia, as well as a natural speaker and engaging storyteller. He loves sharing his energy and passion with his audience and inspiring them to improve the way they approach workplace health and wellbeing. James has spoken around the world about a diverse range of topics including:

  • The pre-employment assessment route to minimising
    worker’s compensation claims and how to effectively stop hiring broken people
  • Ten steps to developing an effective early intervention
    strategy that makes on-site injury treatment your most
    powerful health and wellbeing tool
  • Innovative strategies and success stories about how to manage an aging workforce and keep people working
  • How to structure and fund a meaningful workplace health and wellbeing program that delivers significant outcomes, not just a feel-good factor

To find out more or to book James to speak your next event, contact us on 1300 734 643 or email