Guided stretches

We have created a suite of stretches for you to add to your daily exercise routine to help improve range of motion, strength and flexibility.

Daily stretches

Glute Bridge

Weak, under-active gluteal muscles can be a contributing factor in low back pain and dysfunction. This is a great exercise that targets some of these structures.

Child’s Pose to Cobra

If you’re spending a lot of time seated at a desk or standing at a workbench this is a great way to get the spine and supporting muscles moving.

Single Leg Stability

Single leg balance is important for optimal movement and a deficit in stability through the help can lead to issues/compensations above and below.

Prehab stretches

Banded Reverse Fly

The muscles of the mid back are important for optimal shoulder function and good posture. This is a helpful exercise to strengthen and prevent injury.

Bear Pose

This works on both shoulder and core strength/stability. Multiple variations can be completed to both increase and vary the demands/loads on the shoulder and core.  

Thoracic Rotation / Open Book

Thoracic or mid back rotation is important. Whilst the majority of trunk rotation comes from the thoracic spine, it plays a critical role in shoulder function.

As with all exercise programs, when using our exercise, mobility or stretching videos, you need to use common sense.  To reduce and avoid injury, it is advised that you seek advice from your onsite healthcare provider, physical therapist or your doctor before beginning any physical/fitness program.  By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk.  Work Healthy Australia will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our fitness program,  online fitness videos, or information shared on our website.  This includes emails, videos and text.  If you are currently managing any type of injury and experience an increase in pain or discomfort during or after exercise, we recommend you cease immediately and seek further guidance. Some post-exercise soreness is common, but if this persists, seek further advice. Thank you for your understanding.