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Risk Assessments

The vast majority of injuries can be avoided by hiring the right people for the job, minimising potential risks, seeking care at the first sign of pain or discomfort, and giving employees the right tools and information to manage their wellbeing.

With Work Healthy Australia’s wholistic injury prevention services, your organisation can help keep workers healthy and productive, while saving money on WorkCover costs, worker’s compensation, and lost productivity.

During a risk assessment, our team of workplace injury experts spend time on site at your facility to observe activities employees complete as they carry out their role.

Out of this assessment, we then create a comprehensive report that describes:

  • The frequency, duration, and manual requirements of all tasks
  • Details about the potential risk involved in each task
  • A hazard rating
  • An action plan with recommendations for next steps

With this information in hand, your organisation can:

  • Gain more visibility into the true requirements and risks of each position
  • Reduce emotional and physical strain that leads to injuries
  • Minimise injuries and claims

Future-ready workforce

Our preventative treatments, health screening tests, and comprehensive reporting help ensure your employees are not only fit for work today, but also prepared for the future. By making the right employment choices upfront, then forecasting risks that may arise based on your workforce’s current health and demographics, you can expect:

  • Peace of mind that your company is taking intentional steps to lower risk today, tomorrow, and years down the road
  • Pride that your company is an industry leader in delivering the most up-to-date, innovative treatments
  • Better insight into how to maximize employee activity and manage an ageing workforce