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Onsite Injury Management & Care

Health and happiness go hand in hand. Helping employees maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing isn’t only good for them – it’s good for your business as well. Work Healthy Australia’s wholistic injury prevention and treatment services have been proven to boost the bottom line by reducing costs and increasing productivity

Our early intervention approach prevents minor issues from escalating into major injuries, and keeps people working. By being on site with your employees and keeping most treatments under 15 minutes, workers experience minimal disruption, get back to work faster, and avoid missing days or weeks due to injury.

On average, you can expect:

  • 97% of people remaining on full duties throughout treatment
  • 84% of injuries resolved in under 4 treatments vs. the industry average of 12
  • Significant improvements in productivity and operational flexibility

Our Chiropractors are all employed by Work Healthy Australia and visit your facility weekly to treat workers for an agreed number of hours. Treatments typically last 15 minutes, and the average injury is resolved in four treatments.

Our providers keep you updated by meeting with you when we’re on site, providing access to our comprehensive reporting system for case updates and workforce health analytics, and providing you with a dedicated, on-call health manager.

On-site injury care helps your organisation:

  • Heal employee injuries faster, while keeping them on active duties
  • Save time by eliminating the need to go off site for care visits
  • Get employees back to work quickly, often in four treatments or less
  • Improve your understanding of the health and wellbeing of individual employees and your overall workforce